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High Technology Sources Ltd offers quality radioactive isotopes, cutting-edge shielding, and advanced NDT equipment,  for excellence in nuclear technology. From carefully curated isotopes to innovative safety-focused solutions, HTSL deliver precision and reliability. Our commitment extends to providing calibration services that ensure the accuracy and optimal performance of your radiation equipment. Explore the forefront of Non-Destructive Testing with HTSL’s advanced technology and expert calibration, choosing us for unparalleled expertise and quality. Elevate your nuclear projects with confidence in the precision and reliability of our products and services.

Latest News

We’re thrilled to announce our exclusive distribution agreement with Golden Engineering, Inc., revolutionizing the UK NDT market.

Discover the future of X-ray tech with Golden Engineering’s Pulsed X-ray generators. Operating in a rapid 10 to 50 nanoseconds, these generators deliver a precise X-ray burst. Each pulse yields an output dose of 3-6 mR, allowing operators to tailor exposures by adjusting pulse settings. With a variable pulse rate from 10 to 25 pulses per second and the capacity for up to 200 pulses before a brief rest period, Golden Engineering sets a new benchmark in NDT equipment.

Unlock unparalleled capabilities in non-destructive testing with Golden Engineering – your gateway to cutting-edge X-ray innovation. Read more about this groundbreaking partnership on our blog!

Upcoming Exhibitions

8th-11th April

18th April
SRP’s NDT Event – The Industrial Radiography Event

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